A stylish yet rustic American Smokehouse, with a warm ambiance and friendly atmosphere.
The Pit is a must for you and all your friends and family to enjoy special moments together and experience the TRUE taste of the American deep south!


Based in the quaint village of Culcheth, in the heart of Cheshire - The Pit Smokehouse stands out like an ostrich in a chicken farm.Amongst the churches and the rolling fields with endless amounts of sheep stands a building which looks and feels like its came straight out of Texas - along with the food served inside, you wont find meat and tastes like this outside the US.

We have already built a strong reputation on quality smoked foods, and it’s becoming very well known that it’s hard to beat the meat in our restaurant, or your own for that matter...



The Pit Smokehouse was born in 2015 - but its story goes way way back. A long time ago in a town far far away (sale approx 20 minutes north) three young fellows had the idea of opening up a barbeque joint (sort of a pipe dream). However after successful endeavours in other industries this pipe dream started to look like it could come to life...

Legend has it, many doubted the three - but their passion, determination and willingness to prove others wrong has resulted in a fine restaurant - serving the best cuts of perfectly smoked meat.

The Pit Smokehouse is a place where friends and families can enjoy special moments together and experience the true taste of the American deep south!










LARGER BOOKINGS PLEASE NOTE: As we are very popular and a bit pushed for space at times, we have a few little rules for lager bookings. We can cater for parties up to 16, any parties over 12 are required to pre-order 24 hours in advance and tables over 6 must make a £10 per head deposit (adults only) when the reservation is made.

There's several ways to book, you can either give us a call, send an email or use the interactive booking form above. We look forward to seeing you soon!